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Book 1: 1920-1932, Dexter/Hagerman/Lake Arthur

Nancy Melton-Morales contributed this transcription. Thank you, Nancy!
NOTE: There are additional columns in the database that are not posted due to space constraints on a Web page. Please e-mail me for a lookup on the following information. Include the last name and first name, please! Not all records contain every item.
Date of Book Religion Spouse
Book Number Funeral Service Informant
Page Officiating Survivors 1-6
Date of Internment Father's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Place of Internment Father's Place of Birth Mother's Place of Birth
Occupation Pallbearers 1-6 Comments

Last         First         Middle      Date of   Place of                Date of     Place of
Name         Name          Name        Birth     Birth                   Death       Death
Aleshire       Elizabeth       Ann                       Ohio                       12/20/1923   Lake Arthur, NM
Aleshire       Carrie          Mabel                     Iowa                       12/27/1923   Lake Arthur, NM
Allsup         Walter          Marion         6/10/1931  Tennessee                   5/12/1931   Dexter, NM (home)
Anderson       Lou                                       Mississippi                 9/23/1922   Greenfield, NM
Anderson       Walter          Franklin       9/22/1922  Greenfield, NM             12/25/1922   Hagerman, NM
Anderson       Furman?         F.                        Temple, Texas               5/15/1925   Roswell, NM   St. Mary's Hospital
Apple          Herman          Mack                      Smith County, Tennessee     5/16/1931   Home of T.C. Roberts
Aradondo       Juanita                         3/2/1931                               6/3/1932   Greenfield, NM
Archuleta      Arceneja?                      4/12/1922                             12/24/1928
Avert          Benjamin                                  Memphis, Tennessee          12/1/1929
Avert                                         1/11/1930  Dexter, NM                  12/8/1930
Avonthier      Joseph          Laurent                                               9/24/1933   3 miles NE of Hagerman, NM
Bacom?         Dara                                      Oklahoma                     4/9/1930   1 Mile S of Dexter, NM (home)
Bailey         UNNAMED                        8/15/1923                              8/15/1923
Bailey         Andrew          Herschel        5/2/1923                               9/9/1927   "Home"
Bailey         Unnamed Baby                   7/11/1929  Dexter, NM                  7/11/1929   Dexter, NM
Baker          Wesley          Gordon          1/6/1926  Hagerman, NM
Baldridge      Lena            W.                        Little Rock, Arkansas      11/15/1923   Hagerman, NM
Baldridge      John                                                                  9/15/1927   San Angelo, Texas
Ballou         Jim                                       Waller County, Texas       12/24/1928   Artesia, NM
Ballou         Edna                                      Wright City, Oklahoma       8/27/1933   Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
Barnett        Martha                                    Dexter, NM                   6/4/1924   City
Bartlett       Mrs. Tennessee                            Paris, Texas                4/26/1931   Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
Bassell        Lola
Baysinger      Unnamed Baby                   8/28/1927                               9/3/1927   Dexter, NM
Beales or BealeRaymond         Lewis           7/1/1911                             10/22/1927
Bible          Infant                         8/29/1927                              8/29/1927   Dexter, NM
Bible          George          Thomas                    Norman, Oklahoma           12/21/1932
Biggs          Anna            Bell                      Arkansas                    2/28/1921   Hagerman, NM
Biggs          A.              R.
Bishop         Lillie          Elizabeth      5/31/1928  New Mexico                 10/20/1928
Bitney         Margaret        H.                        Edgar County, Illinois      1/20/1932   1/2 Miles S. Hagerman, NM (home)
Bitney?        Raymond         V..                                                   9/19/1920   Denison, Texas
Blanchard      Sophia                                    Maine                       1/22/1926   Lake Arthur, NM
Bledsoe        Cleo            Evelyn         11/14/1924 West of Greenfield, NM     11/19/1924   West of Greenfield, NM
Bobo           William         Holt                      Mississippi                 11/4/1920   Hagerman, NM
Bowman         Mattie                                                               12/14/1932   1 Mile S of Dexter, NM
Boyce          Rufus                                     Ohio                         1/6/1923   City
Bramlett       V.              Forest?        10/21/1907 Pipe? Pike County, Arkansas 9/14/1929   5 Miles ? Of Hagerman, NM
Brammon?       Joe             C.             7/10/1930  25 Miles E of Dexter        7/10/1930   25 Miles E of Dexter (home)
Brown          Lula                                      Oklahoma                   12/28/1928   Dexter, NM
Brown          Grace           Vedder                    Galveston, Texas             9/4/1930   "home"
Buie?          Dorothy         Mrs.           5/11/1916  Eufaula, Oklahoma           5/15/1930   Eufaula, Oklahoma
Burch          Hannah          P.                        Little Rock, Arkansas       2/13/1921   Hagerman, NM
Burns          Cecil           C.                                                     7/1/1932   Highway N of Hagerman, NM
Burns          Clarence        Earl            8/9/1929  Hagerman, NM                8/20/1929   Hagerman, NM
Byrd           James           Robert                                                4/10/1928   Buffalo Valley, NM
Byrd           Mary            E.                        Edmonson County, Kentucky    1/3/1932   Buffalo Valley, NM (home)
Calhoun        Junior          Albert          7/7/1927                                          East of Hagerman, NM
Campbell       Vivian                                                                1/22/1925   Lake Arthur, NM
Candia         Josefa                                                                11/3/1928   Monical?, New York
Carter         Mildred         A.             10/13/1912 Grady, NM                   5/19/1927   Hagerman, NM
Cartwright     Catherine                                 St. Augustine County, Texas 8/22/1930
Casaborne      John            Laquer         1/19/1921  Hagerman, NM                2/16/1921   Hagerman, NM
Casper or CarpeWilliam                                   Peterstown, West Virginia   11/6/1925   Dexter, NM
Clark          Robert          E. Lee                                                 8/6/1921   Sterling City, Texas
Clark          Josie           Estel          11/30/1923 Texas                      10/20/1924   Hagerman, NM
Clark          G.              W.                                                                Dexter, NM
Cole           Charles         A.                        Missouri                    6/15/1925   Dexter, NM
Cole           Charles                                   Mt. Pleasant, Michigan      8/19/1932
Cole           C.              C.                                                    9/14/1929
Cole           Leon            W.                        La Hogue, Illinois          11/8/1930   St. Helena, California
Collins        John            D.                        Clermont County, Ohio      12/22/1921   Dexter, NM
Colvin         Joseph          R.             11/19/1924                             6/19/1925
Cordova        Adelada                                   Mexico                     11/19/1926   Hartr Place?
Cornelisorn?   Eugene                          4/1/1923                               4/5/1923   City
Cozart         Sarah           Francis                   Arkansas                    10/8/1929   Greenfield, NM
Cumpston?      Mary            Elizabeth      10/31/1929 East of Vaughn, NM         11/18/1929   East of Vaughn, NM
Dalgaur?                                      5/22/1901  Bliss, Oklahoma              4/5/1930   2 Miles W of Greenfield, NM
Daniels        Peter           L.                        Arkansas                    4/15/1926   Greenfield, NM
Daniels        Eliza                                                                10/28/1932   Hagerman, NM
Davis          Lloyd           La Verne        3/2/1925  Hagerman, NM                 1/1/1926   "Baptist Church"
Davis          Dewey                                     Batavia?, Arkansas          1/17/1929
Davis          Danny           D                                                     1/16/1933   Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
Dawson         Tolliver        H.                        Missouri                    6/17/1924   Hagerman, NM
Deane          Clara                                     Donley County, Texas        7/19/1927   Lovington, NM
Deason         Ruth            Pearl          6/12/1917  Roswell, NM                  9/6/1926   Roswell, NM  St. Mary's Hospital
Dees           Clarice         V.              9/5/1914                              3/21/1928   2 Miles East of Hagerman, NM (Home)
Delavan?       Jerome          L.                                                   11/17/1921   Dardee House
Delay          Jim             R.                        Texas                       9/25/1927   Dexter, NM
Deweese        Lafe                                                                  6/22/1933   Roswell, NM
Diffey         Myrtle                         12/12/1909                             6/12/1930   SW Orchard Park (home)
Douglas        George          A.                        Hebron, Indiana              5/5/1932   Greenfield, NM (home)
Downer         John            Leslie         10/10/1926 El Campo, Texas             5/26/1932   Elkins, NM
Downs or DownerAnnie           Alberta                   Mobile, Alabama              4/4/1931   Home
Durand         Sadi?                                                                 4/18/1931   3 Miles NE Dexter, NM (home)
Dutchover      Ernie           Nieto                                                  1/6/1933
Duvall         Millie M.       M.                        Georgia                                 2 Miles W of Dexter, NM (home)
Evans          Francis         Lucille        12/18/1933 Hagerman, NM                 8/2/1933   Home
Farhan?        Ethel           Ireen                     Texas                       5/29/1925   Hots Springs, NM
Fern           Evelyn          Marrs          6/21/1930                              3/24/1933   Hog Canal
Fletcher       Ross            C.                        Texas                      11/12/1922   Dexter, NM
Flores         Rofmia                         7/17/1925                                          Greenfield, NM
Flores         Aurelia                                                               12/9/1926   Greenfield, NM
Flores         Lorenzo                        6/21/1927                             10/24/1927   Greenfield, NM
Flores         Salome                         10/23/1928 Greenfield, NM              12/3/1929
Foss           George          Franklin                                             10/10/1922   "City"
Foster         Amanda                                    Van Buren County, Arkansas   4/6/1926   Hagerman, NM
Foster         Mary            Jane                      Van Buren County, Arkansas  5/10/1927   Lake Arthur, NM
Foster         Evanola                        4/16/1929  Lake Arthur, NM              2/1/1930   Lake Arthur, NM
Foster         Vera            Mae            12/18/1909 Texas                      12/26/1932
Franklin       Rosa                           8/29/1900                              1/20/1927   Hagerman, NM
Frazier        Mabel                                                                 1/18/1923   Lake Arthur, NM
Garren?        Charles         Alfred         11/3/1905  ARK                        10/19/1933   O.B. Berry?
Garrett        Helen           Louise         1/22/1915                               8/6/1921   Dexter, NM
Gibson         Barnett         B.                                                   10/11/1922   Alamogordo. NM
Gilbert        Frank           E.                        Tulia, Texas                9/15/1932   8 Miles W Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Gonsalez       Elorisa                        12/11/1931 Mexico                     12/11/1932   home
Goodner        Harry           William                   Rising Sun, Indiana         9/30/1929   3 Miles SW of Greenfield, NM (home)
Graham         John            W.             5/23/1907                               3/6/1932   Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Griego         Louis                           5/5/1928  Lincoln, NM                11/14/1928   Gehman?
Grizzle        Elizabeth                      2/13/1931  Hagerman, NM                2/26/1931   6 Miles NW Hagerman, NM (home)
Grizzle?       Edith                          2/13/1931  Hagerman, NM                2/25/1931   6 Miles NW Hagerman, NM
Guy            Unnamed Baby Girl               5/6/1929  Greenfield, NM               5/7/1929
Guzman         Unnamed Baby                   1/11/1926                              1/11/1926   Dexter, NM
Ham            Rosalee         Courtney                                              2/26/1927   Hagerman, NM
Ham            David           Leon           9/17/1931                               1/3/1932   Home
Hammon         Ella            Mae                                                   9/26/1926   Near Hagerman, NM (2 mi. east)
Hammon         Thersa          Lorene          2/2/1912  Arkansas                    1/18/1927   Roswell, NM  St. Mary's Hospital
Hams?          William         Alfred                    Lyons, New York                         Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Hardin         William         J.                        Illinois                     5/8/1930
Hardy          Harold          Lee            7/18/1925  Rotan, Texas               10/27/1930   Dexter, NM
Harris         Timothy         Mitchell                  Mississippi                 1/22/1922   Dexter, NM
Harris         Earl                           6/19/1916  Stuart, Oklahoma           12/19/1931   Carlsbad, NM (St. Francis Hospital)
Harris         Clyde           E.                        Kentucky                     1/4/1933   home
Harris         Isabel                         1/10/1933  Dexter, NM                   2/7/1933   home
Harrison       Laura           E.                                                    1/24/1924   Lake Arthur, NM
Harshey        Charley         Brown           8/8/1903  Hagerman, NM                7/11/1927   Loyd Hanlope or Harshey
Harvey         Hattie          E.                        Colden, New York            3/13/1930   Lake Arthur, NM
Harvey         John            Wesley                    Lisbon, NY                  11/5/1930   Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Hayhurst       Melissa         Ann                       Mississippi                 1/26/1931   Greenfield, NM (home)
Hayhurst       John            David                                                 1/19/1932   Greenfield, NM
Helms?         George          Wahington      3/10/1910  "highway near town"          1/9/1930
Hernandez      Nazario                        7/28/1904  Cavela?, Mexico             6/21/1928   Dexter, NM
Herrara        Maryalda
Hester         John            Blackwell                                             2/15/1924   City
Hester         Martha          E.                        South Carolina                          Pueblo, Colorado
Hogan          John                                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Holden         UNNAMED BABY                              Dexter, NM                  2/28/1925   Dexter, NM
Holden         Olive           Jane                      Weed, NM                     3/4/1925   Dexter, NM
Holliway       Unnamed Baby                   8/29/1926  Roswell, NM                 8/29/1926   Roswell, NM  St. Mary's Hospital
Hooper         Lillie          Emma                      Arkansas                    6/24/1923   City
Horn           UNNAMED BABY                    5/1/1925                               5/1/1925   Hagerman, NM
Hornsbey?      Unnamed Child   of Loyd Hornsbe8/23/1921                              8/23/1921   Near Hagerman, NM
Howard         Ben             Jack           12/4/1930  Hagerman, NM                7/11/1931   2 Miles SE Hagerman, NM (home)
Hughes         James           C.                        Edinburgh, Scotland        10/16/1926   Roswell, NM St. Mary's Hospital
Hutchison?     Ellen                                     Worcester, Ohio?            3/16/1923   City
Hutson         Mary            Frances        3/16/1921  Hagerman, NM                3/17/1921   "city"
Hutson         Effie           G.             3/16/1921  Hagerman, NM                3/17/1921   "city"
Jackson        Francis         Geraldine      12/16/1916 Oglesby, Texas             12/18/1932   Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
James          William         Campbell                                              2/28/1926   Hagerman, NM
James          William                                   Coulterville, Illinois       6/9/1930
Jarnagin       Winfred         Emmett          4/3/1921  Dexter, NM                  9/15/1924
Jenkins        Maxine                         12/14/1927                             1/27/1931
Jenkins        Anna            Bernice        3/21/1930                              7/17/1933   Home
Jennings       Robert                                    Burnet County, Texas        4/16/1931   Home
Johnson        Thelma                         9/19/1907  Cave?, Tennessee            11/5/1921   Lake Arthur, NM
Johnson        Arvid                                     Sweden                     11/11/1928   Alliance, Nebraska
Johnson        Unnamed Baby                   12/29/1930                            12/29/1930   2 Miles E of Hagerman, NM (home)
Johnson        Joyce           Marie                     Dexter, NM                  3/23/1933   Dexter, NM
Jolly          Thurston        Elbert         2/12/1914  Eula, Texas                  6/6/1932   Home of Dr. Anderson (Roswell, NM)
Jones          Glen            Archie         12/4/1924  Hagerman, NM                2/19/1926   Hagerman, NM
Jones          C.              C.                        Benton, Arkansas            9/25/1931   20 Miles E of Hagerman, NM (home)
Key?           Roberta                                                               1/30/1926
King           Frank                                     Charlotte, North Carolina    2/7/1929   Blackdom, NM
King           Mattie          Mrs.                      Georgia                     6/18/1930   Blackdom, NM (home)
Knight         Clyde           Lemuel         1/31/1916  Roswell, NM                 7/11/1927   Roswell, NM  St. Mary's Hospital
Knoces?        Unnamed Baby                   11/20/1929 Lake Arthur, NM            11/20/1929   Lake Arthur, NM
Knowes?        Lillian         Carroll        6/22/1909  Texas                      11/21/1929   Lake Arthur, NM
Laltion?       Rosalie                                   Switzerland                  1/5/1930   Hagerman, NM
Lang/Lange                                                                                       Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
Langenegger    Hazel                                                                  5/6/1925   Roswell, New Mexico, St. Mary's Hospital
Langham        Unnamed Baby                    6/6/1928  Dexter, NM                   6/6/1928   Dexter, NM
Lathrop        Miss Ruth       G.                        Weston, Ohio               12/27/1928   Greenfield, NM
Lathrop        Helen           Grace          3/23/1918  Weston, Ohio                10/3/1931   Home
Latimer        John            S.                                                     2/1/1927   Lovington, NM
Latimer        Arthur          E.                        Clarendon, Texas             2/3/1931
Lattion        Geraldine       Noel           12/22/1929 Hagerman, NM                6/26/1930   Roswell, NM
Lattion?       Dennis                                    Soin, Switzerland           9/21/1928   1 Mile N of Hagerman, NM
Lawing?        Sarah           Jane           1/26/1931  Hagerman, NM                2/13/1931   Home
Lawing?        Gladys          Leona           7/7/1931  Dexter, NM                  8/13/1931   Dexter, NM (home)
Lawson         G.M.                                                                  7/26/1927   Dexter, NM
Leslie         Mirmie?                                                               2/19/1921   Dexter, NM
Long           Unnamed Baby                   8/10/1929                              8/10/1929   E.E. Lane Ranch, Hagerman, NM (home)
Long           Johnebeth?                                                                        Carlsbad, NM
Lopez          Tomas                                                                             Dexter, NM
Losey?         George          W.                        Ohio                        9/27/1930
Love           Hattie                                    Michigan                   12/27/1928   Dexter, NM (Home)
Lucas or Lucar Nute??                                    Tennessee
Luevano        Erminia                        1/30/1933                              5/19/1933   Buffalo Valley
Lusk           Bertie                         8/28/1928  2 mi.E of Hagerman, NM (hom  3/9/1929
Mager or Morrs?Victor          Warren                                                9/30/1927
Marchbanks     Unnamed                        10/8/1921  Hagerman, NM                10/8/1921   Home
Marsh          Unnamed Baby                    3/6/1930  Dexter, NM (home)            3/6/1930   Dexter, NM (home)
Marshall       Ira             W.             10/4/1925  Dexter, NM                  3/28/1926   Dexter, NM
Marshall       Mary            Elizabeth                 Ohio                        2/15/1922   Dexter, NM
McCormick      William                        4/28/1921  Streator, Illinois           1/7/1921   Hagerman, NM
McNabb         Herabel         Spillman                  Geawen?County, Kentucky    10/18/1929   Hagerman, NM
McPeteur?      Katherine
Meeks          Walace                                                               10/27/1925   Greenfield, NM
Meeks          Walter          Lee             2/2/1914                              12/9/1928   East of Lake Arthur, NM
Mendosa        Jose                                      Mexico                       6/8/1930   6 Miles W of Hagerman, NM
Miller         Alfred          Newton                    Shelby County, Indiana      3/12/1926   Hagerman, NM
Miller         Estella                                                                9/9/1922   Greenfield, NM
Miller         Robert          N.                        Arkansas                    1/18/1930   Lubbock, Texas
Miller         L.              J.             1/12/1932  Greenfield, NM              1/13/1932
Mills          Unnamed Baby                              Roswell, NM
Miser-Bible    Charlotte       B.                        Texas                       10/8/1932   Dexter, NM (home)
Mitchell       Mary            Louise         12/31/1920                             6/24/1926   Dexter, NM
Mobley         Estella         Verma          2/21/1923  city                        2/21/1923
Modlin         Nathan                                    Indiana                     9/30/1921   Lake Arthur, NM
Moffit         Daniel A.       Goode                     Texas                        7/6/1932   Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Molina         D.                                        Belen, NM                    2/7/1928
Montoya        Genovena                       5/29/1924                              5/23/1932   Frank Thomas Farm (home)
Morenes        Regina or Regino               3/15/1932                              8/16/1932   Dexter, NM
Morris         Adelia          Catherine                 Tennessee                  10/21/1927   Carlsbad, NM
Mullenaux      Rosie           Loree           2/8/1933                              4/17/1933   Home
Nail           Thomas          Joseph                                                7/13/1930   Carlsvad, NM
Nail           James           Harvey          3/5/1931                               3/8/1931   Home
Nance          Ethel                                     Houlhan?, Mississippi        8/2/1926   Dexter, NM
Nelson         Infant
Newman         Lee                                       Goliad County, Texas         3/6/1926   Hagerman, NM
Nikart         Albert          Sidney         8/19/1919                               5/5/1925   Lake Arthur, NM
Odell          Fred                                                                 12/27/1924
Ogle           Floyd Jr.                      9/16/1925  Dexter, NM                  5/24/1926   Dexter, NM
Ohlenbush?     Rudolph                        8/30/1914  Macie?, Texas               9/16/1930   Lake Arthur, Texas 2 Miles NW
Pantoza?       Antonio                                   Mexico                      7/11/1929   2 Miles SW of Hagerman, NM
Parks          James           Franklin                                             11/17/1921   Hagerman, NM
Perry          Grace                                                                 6/26/1921   Hagerman, NM
Perry          Erma            Jean           5/31/1930  Hagerman, NM                 4/4/1933   Home
Pettet         James           R.                        Illinois                     3/1/1933   Home
Phillips       William         Francis                                                           Hagerman, NM
Pollock        George          R.                        Frankfort, Kentucky         3/22/1929   Dexter, NM
Porter         Mary            A.                        Edon, Ohio                  12/7/1930   Las Vegas, NM
Powell         J.              A.                        Texas                        8/3/1928   Dexter, NM
Price          Pearl                                     Delaware County, Oklahoma   3/24/1928   Lake Arthur, NM
Pruitt         Thurman                        9/22/1928  Dexter, NM                   2/4/1929
Rains          Oletha                         10/25/1921 Dexter, NM                 12/30/1928   4 Miles NE of Dexter, NM (home)
Rains?         Luther          Clarence                  Dexter, NM                 12/13/1928   4 Miles East of Dexter
Reece          Joseph          Jasper Jr.     7/10/1923                              7/20/1923   Home of R.C. Reece
Reid           Margaret        Lee            5/22/1930  Dexter, NM                   2/2/1933   home  Dexter, NM
Reynolds        Nancy          Ellen                                                 5/30/1927   Alto, NM
Ridgley        Eugene          E.             11/15/1910 Logan, Kansas              12/16/1921   Roswell, NM (St. Mary's Hospital)
Roberson       Samuel          Lee                                                   8/25/1930   14 Miles NW of Artesia, NM (home)
Robertson      Samuel          Troy           10/24/1927 Hagerman, NM                3/22/1928
Robinson       Tiney           Leona?                                                 8/1/1925
Robinson       Dwight                         4/26/1906                              11/8/1926   Bisbee, Arizona
Robinson       Leman                           6/3/1927  Hagerman, NM                2/11/1931   Hagerman, NM
Rodriquez      Enrique                                                               10/2/1921
Rowell         Elza            W.                        Indiana?                                Rochester, Minn.?
Rudig          Tommie          Christian      6/21/1925                              7/15/1925   Dexter, NM
Russell        Alvin           R.                                                     6/1/1924   Carlsbad, NM
Russell        Arthur          V.                        Oregon County, Missouri                 lake Arthur, NM
Samora         Clara
Sanchez        Bruno                                                                 3/13/1928   4 miles East of Dexter, NM
Sanchez        Manuel                                    Albuquerque, NM              1/1/1932   2 Milles S of Hagerman, NM (home)
Sawyer         Horace          Greeley                   Michigan                    12/8/1930   Dexter, NM
Shaw           Olga            Joyce           1/7/1931                              3/16/1931   Dexter, NM (home)
Sheard?        Uriah                                     Dayton or Canton, Ohio      4/22/1926   Roswell, NM
Slayter        Lillie          M.                        Essex, Iowa                 8/23/1928   Roswell, NM  St. Mary's Hospital
Smith          George          W.                        Indiana                      3/8/1921   Hagerman, NM
Smith          William         Douglas        3/28/1926                              4/11/1926   Hagerman, NM
Smith          Joe             M.                                                    12/7/1922   Hagerman, NM
Smith          George          W.                        Santa Fe County, Texas     10/16/1924   Hagerman, NM
Smith          Lesta           Mae            9/10/1917                              11/8/1924   Hagerman, NM
Smith          Ralph           E. Jr.         12/19/1926                            12/12/1926   Hagerman, NM
Smith          Mrs. Linnie?    L.                        Camp Point, Illinois        5/22/1930   Dexter, NM
Smith          Mary            J.                        Macon, Georgia               4/5/1932   Home
Sperling       Maltea?         May            11/28/1930 Dexter, NM                 10/29/1932   Dexter, NM
Sterritt       Charles         Leroy          3/17/1920  Dexter, NM                  8/12/1921   Dexter, NM
Stiler         Nay                                                                   8/15/1923   Hagerman, NM
STILLBORN                                                                             2/9/1923   Lake Arthur, NM
Stone          Ruby                           4/25/1903  Tennessee                   3/11/1922
Sublett?       Unnamed Baby                   10/2/1927                              10/2/1927   Hagerman, NM
Sublette       Nellie          C.                        Missouri?                    4/8/1921   Greenfield, NM
Swann          Austin                                    Macon, Mississippi          5/30/1931   Home
Tackett        James           W.                                                     3/9/1926   Hagerman, NM
Tapken or TapheGeorge                                    Germany                      1/1/1926   Dexter, NM
Taylor         Mrs. Mary       G.                                                   12/29/1928   4 Miles North of Dexter, NM (home)
Thomas         Unnamed Baby                   8/30/1928                              8/30/1928
Thorne         Unnamed Baby                    2/6/1930                               2/6/1930
Todd           Lillie          Margaret                                              12/8/1931   Lake Arthur, NM (home)
Torrez         Fred                            5/9/1908  Roswell, NM                 10/2/1924   South of Hagerman, NM
Torrez         Ysabel                         11/19/1929                             7/20/1932   Dexter, NM (home) J.V.Thomas
Torrez         Juan                                      Manzano, NM                 7/28/1929   2 Miles SW Hagerman, NM
Trujillo       Yuciga?
Utterback      Unnamed Baby                    7/5/1928  Lake Arthur, NM              7/5/1928
Utterback      J.              A.                        Colo, Iowa                  1/19/1933   home
Valensuela     Refugio                                   D.K.?                      12/12/1928   Dexter, NM
Valensuelos    Victoria                                  Texas                        9/3/1931   Greenfield, NM
Van Arsdol?    Arthur          Leroy                     Harlam, Iowa               12/26/1931   Home
Vickers        William         Earenst (Earnes11/24/1900 Neola, Texas               12/29/1927   Greenfield, NM
Wagoner        Lewis                                     Unionville, Pennsylvania                Home
Waldrip        Ruth                           2/22/1930  Hagerman, NM               10/17/1930
Waldrop        Melissa         Lovell         12/27/1920                             7/19/1922   Dexter, NM
Walters        Sarah           Ann                                                  12/17/1921   Dexter, NM
Watford        Angus           E.                        Hot Springs, Arkansas       2/23/1930   Mt. View San. @ Roswell, NM
Wells          Elijah          L.                        Kentucky                   12/30/1928   2 Miles West of Dexter, NM (home)
Wells          Russa or Runa                  8/21/1909                              2/21/1929   2 miles NW of Dexter, NM (home)
West           William         Peckins?                  Grant County, Arkansas      9/13/1921   Hagerman, NM
West           Jack                            6/4/1909                              10/3/1929   Las Vegas, (NM?)
West           John            William        11/2/1908                               3/6/1932   Hagerman, NM
Westfall       Alvia                          11/20/1909 Texas                        8/5/1926   Dexter, NM
Westfall       Elmer                                                                10/17/1926   Temple, Texas
Wexom?         Bion            H.                                                     3/5/1932   Greenfield, NM
White          Helen           Delores        8/29/1931                              8/29/1931   Home
Wier           Thomas          A. Jr.                    Alabama                      1/8/1926   Dexter, NM
Wier           Thomas          A. Jr.                                                1/13/1926   Dexter, NM
Wiley          UNNAMED BABY    Rachael        5/17/1924
Wilkerson      Lily                                      Arkansas                    3/19/1930   Dexter, NM
Willey or WileyAlmalita                        8/9/1930  Dexter, NM                 12/23/1930   Dexter, NM
Wimberly       Arthur          B.                                                    8/26/1921   "city"
Wright         Alton           Conn                                                  2/15/1921   Hagerman, NM
Wright         Jonathon                                  Terre Haute, Indiana         1/6/1923   Near Hagerman, NM
Wright         Leona           Grace          6/19/1913  Dickens County, Texas       7/10/1932   Lawrence Ranch (home)
Wright         Maria           P.                        Potsdam, New York          12/18/1927   Hagerman, NM
Zink           Robert          O.              6/7/1926  Chaves County, NM          10/23/1926   Dexter, NM
Zink           Dovie           D.             3/17/1919                              3/27/1929   Memphis, Texas