cemetery               St. Mary's Cemetery


This was a cemetery for Hispanic Catholics which was used primarily from about 1903-1909. It is located on E. Berrendo Road at the railroad (Railroad Lane). It is in sections 22 and 23, township 10 South and Range 24 East. Ownership of the land is not clear; perhaps it belongs tot he railroad.

The names of people buried there were collected by a Boy Scout as an Eagle Scout project about 1987.

Name Date Buried
Coleman, Isabel 1905
Espinoza, Jacoba 1909
Gardon, Infant 1904
Gonzales, Hilario 1904
Hurtado, Carmel 1903
Lopez, Lazaro 1908
Perez, Praxedes 1905
Romero, Juana 1908
Sanchez, Francisco 1956
Sanchez, Romalo 1908
Sedillo, Telesphor 1909

Source: Archives, Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico, Roswell

Submitted by Elvis E. Fleming, (Volunteer) Archivist